Episode 17: Unraveling Patterns

Digital Communion Episode 17

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Liberation Mentor - Freedom Through Actualization

The DC Podcast theme this week: UNRAVELING

Could you choose an unconventional life? Could you go “off the grid”? Would you want to?
Join us as we discuss the process of unraveling thought patterns and the causal roots of certain actions and life patterns.

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Show Notes

– The Ultimate Freedom and the Ultimate Restriction: Money
– Unraveling thought patterns and the roots of causal actions leading to life patterns
– Thomas describes what it’s like at Day 6 of a 7 Day Fast!
– On treating life like a beautiful ride vs. forcing things to happen
– Breaking down the idea that things must be a certain way
– On “handcuffs” that are related to your sense of place
– How putting roots down has a set of benefits of its own
– Dealing with people who have a different lifestyle
– Nic admits how his lifestyle is ridiculous in many ways
– The importance of life experiences outside of convention
– Some honest difficulties of long-haul travel