Ep. 24: Never Say Die or Time to Surrender?

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This week we tackle a difficult issue as Nic is struggling – really struggling – with something….
How do you know when to quit and when to push through a little longer; when to cut your losses and when to give it another try? Good money after bad…. Never say die or time to surrender?
Can trying to make money doing what you love end up ruining the joy of what you love? If parts of work make you miserable, is it ever as easy as – just don’t do it?

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Show Notes

– Putting in hard work vs. knowing when to call it quits

– Manifesting and setting intentions

– Hot or cold; be not lukewarm or I will spit you out

– First question to ask yourself: do you believe in what you are doing?

– What happened when Thomas attempted to turn his script into a graphic novel

– Art matching where the story goes

– Abandoning a project that you have already told people you are working on

– When you have multiple projects, finding the one you care about most

– Why ‘doing what you love’ for a living may be total bulls***

– The actual hard work is finding the nexus point where your skills meet something that you enjoy or could be passionate about that is also lucrative

– Identifying the thing you can package and monetize is a huge skill

– Not what you love the most, but what is the greatest expression of you?

– What do you want to spend your time doing?

– When was the last time you woke up excited to do the work ahead of you

– If someone can live a certain experience, then you can too (within reason)

– Happiest when creating something

– Integrity: when thoughts, actions and words are in alignment

– Cycle of a project will naturally hit a plateau

– How patience may be the key and the hindrance

– Thomas Edison’s example of not giving up after hundreds of attempts and failures

– Seth Godin calls this work/creative plateau ‘the dip’ and Steven Pressfield calls it ‘resistance’

– Using exercises from Godin’s ‘Ship it’ journal to ask questions about your creative endeavor, like what does perfect look like?

– Gift and curse of thinking too much

– Becoming the guy you were once so proud not to be, i.e. for Nic, becoming someone “chained” to their computer with work

– Thomas has found a few things that work to snap out of a funk, like very cold water, or very difficult exercise



– The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime by M. J. DeMarco (book and audiobook)
– The Joe Rogan Experience podcast #789 Dan Auerbach, musician and record producer best known as the guitarist and vocalist for The Black Keys
– Previous DC Episode 18: Having Hope [insert link]
– Ship it: a Little Pamphlet for People Who Can, by Seth Godin
– Genius Brain Power binaural beats program

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