Ep. 25: How to Deal with Networking


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In this episode we talk about the social ins and outs of meeting people and raising money. The problem is that networking events are usually awkward at best and filled with people that are obviously looking to gain something. Listen in for the trick to NOT “networking” (in the conventional sense), and what’s important instead. There’s also priceless wisdom from some wealthy friends that will make you take a look at your money mindset. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

– Investments, startups, networking
– Raising money to fund a project
– Social dynamics game from the autobiography ‘Pimp’ by Iceberg Slim
– Developing the gut instinct to sense when a situation isn’t what it’s being sold to you as
– The trick to getting your project funded without superficial networking… no conniving, no calculated moves
– Networking in general vs. personal acquaintances
– The strength of the pan-continental jiu jitsu network
– How people with wealth use how they feel (more than data or figures) when deciding to invest in a project
– The importance of your state of mind and polarity when approaching a project
– How to change your polarity when you don’t feel energized or positive about a project
– For most of the wealthiest people, money is actually the least exciting thing about a project
– How to have a ‘wealthy mindset’ about money even though you aren’t there yet
– Having impact in the world; “feeding the kids vs. feeding the ego”
– Noticing how being in a negative mood only perpetuates in other ways if you go out in public
– Feeling comfortable socially vs. the natural tendency to put on a mask for social interaction
– Looks can be deceiving; you never know who might know more than you in a situation
– Getting out of the stereotypes of judging people based on a single metric
– Lessons from Kingdom of Heaven film


– Pimp: The Story of My Life by Iceberg Slim (book)
– Kingdom of Heaven (film)