Ep. 26: The Art of Seeking

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Join us for a special version of Digital Communion this week as Thomas and Nic record for the first time together in the same location. This episode features the unapologetic use of a selfie stick as we stroll to the beach and eventually settle in for a fun chat. We discuss a range of things, including what it means to be authentic, the importance of the intention behind what you seek, ’scientism’ and connection, how much seeking is too much, and a yardstick by which you should measure all of your beliefs.
It’s The Art of Seeking… because who doesn’t want the best life?


Enjoy this special recording in Venice Beach!

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– Nic and Thomas take a walk to Venice Beach
– A candid description of what Thomas is like behind the scenes
– Instincts and the Gift of True Sight
– Health the greatest wealth
– Next projects, including Nic’s plans to write another book
– What it means to be authentic and vulnerable
– Getting rid of the many different layers that we put on that keep us from being who we really are
– What the “Art of Beautiful Living” means
– Just when you think you get what’s going on with the game of life, something else happens to remind you that no one really knows the universal answers
– Further down the scientific rabbit hole, it seems like we are further along than primitive societies’ stories of Creation, but is it true?
– ‘Scientism’ as the dominant religious paradigm in the West
– Western materialism causing discontent and a feeling of being disconnected from Truth and Source
– Forgetting that your soul is infinite in order to play the game of human experience
– The yardstick to measure any of your beliefs by: Does it bring you more joy?
– Richard Dawkins doesn’t seem happy or vibrant
– Why Nic doesn’t want to describe his discoveries using the word ‘conclusion’ anymore
– Searching for the purpose of figuring out as much about the Game as possible, so you can play it as well as you can
– Rabbit holes: searching with the intention of living a better life and not taking it so far as to become unable to function


– Osho
– Richard Dawkins
– The Simpsons