Ep. 27: Finding Your Purpose and Doing Your Own Thing

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Want to find your purpose? Focus on your passion? Ignore the crackling static from social media and the pressure to ’10X’ your life and do more, be more, produce more….
In other words, want to do your own thing? Not sure what that is? Check out this episode for some simple thoughts, observations, and strategies to help you deal with the pressures and recognize what it feels like when you’ve found your purpose.

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– The Age of the Quantified Self
– Coming to the realization that you’re not going to outwork life
– How to do your own thing
– The importance of ‘flow it’ instead of ’10x it’
– Is it better to draw lines and set tight schedules or not?
– How you know when you’ve done enough work
– Going with the feel instead of rigid rules
– People who get lost in aspects of the game of life
– Thomas is about to embark on one of the biggest projects of his life
– How do you know if you’ve lost yourself in a project?
– Doing the thing that you can’t stop thinking about
– Can you get lost in a project in a good way?
– How to not take things too seriously
– Keep doing what you’re doing if it moves you toward joy
– Could it be that nothing is really that important?
– Somewhere between nothing matters and everything matters
– Wim Hof breathing method insights: what it feels like and why Nic and Thomas have differing opinions
– Manipulating your breathing in order to feel things in your body and physiology that only otherwise could come from psychedelics, sensory deprivation, or meditation
– Plant medicine: is there an infinite amount of information to be gained from plant medicines or is there a limit?


– Gladiator movie, quote “what we do in life echoes in eternity”
– Wim Hof breathing method