EP. 28: LA to Austin to NYC

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Why would anyone in their right mind live in the city of Los Angeles? Some love it, some hate it… but Thomas describes the perks of living in the “City of Angels” in a way that will make you rethink not only L.A., but whichever place you call home. Why do you live where you live? And in case any East coaster’s start to feel left out – don’t worry, we include you once we get to the necessity of “suffering” (and making good art) 😀

Listen now for a nice break from all the serious political talk, and have a great day!

“The city is powerful and got a powerful hold on me very early” – Thomas

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– Thomas’s acting background and what prompted his decision to move to Los Angeles
– Power, magnetism and the art culture in LA
– Training at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach
– A lifetime of exploration just from cruising around the different parts of the city
– Los Angeles compared to Austin, TX
– Nic’s thoughts on London
– How a city can drain you or energize you
– Is there strange energy created from Hollywood and the industry?
– Strong current of technological progress disseminating in all parts of life in this realm
– Information technology and media both centered in LA and both symbiotically growing their branches out across the planet from this point (ie. LA)
– Confirmation bias
– Is it just programming that we have to be struggling in order to be giving something of value back to the world?
– Finding the happy middle ground
– Suffering for good art – for example, the New School of Painters came out of NYC, not LA – the case for “needing” the winter in order to suffer and be able to come through with the inspiration the spring brings
– “A lot of ‘the Greats’ (artists/bands) came out of a place where the elements have a huge influence on your psyche”


– Los Angeles County Museum of Art
– The Getty (one of the world’s largest art organizations)
– Radiohead