Ep. 29: That Time I Took it Too Far – Drugs & Betrayal

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… get ready for a helluva episode this week.

Some experiences stick with you for a lifetime. Sometimes they change your thinking or outlook on life. Sometimes it’s for the better, sometimes the worse… Have you ever taken it too far? In this episode we’re talking about drugs (cannabis) and betrayal and 2 big realizations learned the hard way.

Listen to get some powerful insights about what it’s like to take it too far, how you know you’ve taken it too far, and what to do to fix it.

“It was like an itch I couldn’t scratch, but in my mind. I couldn’t be still or at peace anywhere.” – Nic

“That’s about the darkest thing I’ve ever done…” – Thomas

“It’s not all about the present moment; a fully integrated human being is able to live in the present moment, while learning from the past and planning for the future.” – Nic

WARNING: We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – in no way do we advise or condone the use of illicit drugs, especially for minors. Your brain isn’t completely formed yet! So don’t mess with it.

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– Nic’s experience with marijuana/cannabis
– How to know when it’s crossed the line into “too much”
– Withdrawals and detox symptoms
– The positive effects of cannabis, creative impulse
– When the positive effects start to become negative
– What it means to feel mentally fragile, uneasy, unable to be at peace or sit still
– Triggering a paranoia switch? The onset of anxiety and paranoia
– Days after of edginess
– Does all the down-side then make you want to OVERCOME that paranoia mechanism?
– We’re so good at training our brains for other things, why can’t we train our minds to not go into that paranoia with cannabis?
– Control issues
– Mental handcuffs
– Spending energy to overcome something that you don’t really need in the first place
– Polyrhythm beats laid over the top of a 5:4
– Cannabis as a positive tool

– Betrayal and cheating
– The intoxicating fire of infatuation blinding you
– Guilt from messing with someones’s trust
– “I didn’t want to hurt this woman… but I was obviously willing to”
– “The darkest part was that I made her feel crazy”
– Thinking you’re strong enough to cut it off before anyone can get hurt
– Repeating patterns from your father’s example
– If you don’t learn from the past you will hurt in the future
– Careful balance of being present, learning from past, and thinking about the future