Ep. 34: Awareness of Your Full Potential


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Some people at the top of their game hit a point where they stop growing. This limits their potential – in life, knowledge, and the pursuit of so much more.

Nic and Thomas discuss intelligence and the pitfalls of rigid thinking, how to keep an open mind, and the most important factor in your full potential: awareness. Are you sure you know where the gaps are in your knowledge? Learn ways you become aware and lots more in this week’s episode.

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– A definition of intelligence: the ability to recall information that you’ve put in it
– The day you actually need to fear is the day you stop being aware of your own lack of knowledge
– Thomas relates his first awareness of struggling with math at an early age
– The paralyzing effects of not feeling as good at a school subject as your peers
– Thomas’s later realization that he has an innate understanding of the “math” of music and polyrhythms
– Could you be good at a subject if you had just been pushed to be?
– Are some people just not pushed toward certain school subjects because of the way they act or look?
– Why does it seem rare to see extremely attractive world-class scientists?
– Does society push people toward certain things based on their proclivities and how society views them; and in turn the individual’s mind doesn’t develop to its full extent unless you are self aware and break away from the mold
– What Stephen Hawking, Beethoven, and All-Star Chef Grant Achatz all have in common
– Having agility in your thinking vs rigidity
– Why your brain does NOT work like a computer despite the common analogy
– Why your brain does not have to be bound by the limitations of operating like computer software
– The benefits of noticing your thoughts or tendency to immediately think of a counter argument in any discussion you have
– How you can choose to not be rigid in your thinking
– How being open to discussion can give you a good reflection of where you have gaps in your knowledge
– Why some people who are at the top of their game stop growing, and how this can be avoided


– Must see: Chef’s Table, Season 2, Episode 1 featuring Grant Achatz


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