Ep. 36: Electronic Buddhism: For Love of Music

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In this episode we talk about the power of music, how it can shape mood, why electronic music is so special, burn out from things experienced over and over, the magic of nature sounds, and much more. What’s the difference between someone who only listens to one type of music and someone who appreciates a broad variety? Find out in this surprising episode.


– When and why electronic music first spoke to Nic
– How different kinds of music connect with your soul rhythm
– The ability of music to alter your mood
– Training and exercising with music
– The power of experiencing live electronic music and how the energy is different than other types of music
– Are you selling yourself short if you only listen to one type of music?
– What song would you have playing in everyone’s head when you walk in a room?
– Burn out caused by having music on all the time in the background without paying attention to it
– Not taking music for granted and consciously focusing and appreciating the track you’re listening to
– Why do humans burn out on things (including food) if they have too much over and and over
– The specialness of nature sounds

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