Episode 1: Mastering the Decline

Digital Communion Episode 1 Mastering the Decline

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The first episode of Digital Communion sees Thomas and Nic discussing ageing and how it has affected them respectively.

They also touch on Thomas’ new screenplay and speak about how the rapid change brought about by technology is terrifying.

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Show Notes

  • Coming to terms with the fact that the body gets weaker as we grow older
  • Finding new hobbies that are still well within your capabilities
  • How Nic was already preparing even during his mid-20s for the time that age would catch up to him
  • Injury as a wake up call
  • Age making you stronger in certain way
  • The expression,  ‘Father Time is Undefeated’
  • How difficult it is for athletes to accept that their body is no longer as competitive as before
  • The problem with already having a good nutrition and regime
  • Whether the sense of confidence that performance enhancing drugs provides is artificial or not
  • The concept behind Thomas’ upcoming screenplay
  • How astonishing and terrifying the world has become during last five years due to the proliferation of technology

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