Episode 10: Who Are You?


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“Who Am I?” is perhaps the most important question anyone can ever ask. Thomas asks Nic what his answer is and an interesting conversation ensues.

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Show Notes

  • Asking ‘Who am I?’ repeatedly and constantly is apparently a path to enlightenment.
  • A human being is ‘just a collection of neurosis and beliefs’.
  • The labels that we give ourselves usually happened in the past and bear no resemblance to reality
  • Nic wants to be the person that doesn’t respond to ‘monkey mind’.
  • Thomas shares that he is a person enamoured with the human experience.
  • Thomas discusses how he tries to focus on being a good person and doing good things.
  • “You have to go through the selfish phase before being able to give back.”
  • Emotions are just trapped energy
  • How Ayahuasca can help shorten the process of emotional healing.

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