Episode 11: On Having Children

Digital Communion Episode 11 On Having Children

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It’s something that we’re all expected to do, but is having kids for everyone?

Thomas and Nic debate the merits and disadvantages of procreation.

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Show Notes

  • Thomas shares how he has changed his mind about having kids.
  • Nic argues that there are enough kids on this planet and the Earth has already reached its carrying capacity.
  • ‘Does the planet need another one of me?’
  • Nic discusses the idea of being a father to a bunch of kids who don’t have one.
  • Thomas and Nic shared their experiences with kids – Thomas with his nephews and Nic with his goddaughter.
  • Would you date someone with who already has children?
  • The power and innocence of a child’s smile.
  • Thomas challenges Nic to spend an afternoon taking care of a kid.