Episode 13: Pouring Water Over Fire

Digital Communion Episode 13

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This week the DC question is: What’s the One Quality You Admire Most in a Woman? (and what quality do you notice is important in your best male friendships?)
Get ready for some Digital Communion GOLD. Just kidding. This question gets the guys talking about why more life experience makes you more attractive; the realization that who you think you are is not static but changes with age; whether you should look for a best friend who knows how to hunt, build a house, purify water, or hold an intelligent conversation; porn (again), and much more.

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Show Notes

  • The qualities Thomas and Nic need to find in the people they date
  • The number one complaint of dating younger women
  • ‘You are the sum of your experiences’
  • ‘Work on things that you can take with you when you die’
  • The guys discuss the difference of Eastern and Western women
  • The concept of feminine energy ‘washing over’ masculine energy
  • Thomas and Nic also discuss the qualities they admire most in men
  • Do people need to specialise?