Episode 14: The Most Important Ritual?

Digital Communion Episode 14 Embrace the Ritual

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This week the DC question is: What’s your most important ritual?
Nic and Thomas discuss their personal habits, micro-rituals, and what it means to “mitigate the unsustainable” (which the guys agree has been a key to more happiness for them both).
The beginning of this episode is a little dense, but bear with us because it gets lighter as the conversation turns to workouts, meal rituals, eating patterns, and what works best as they’ve gotten older and wiser.

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Show Notes

– How your thoughts create your reality
– Practicing mental hygiene
– The only prayer you need to say is ’thank you’
– Where’s the fine line between ritual and dogma?
– How rituals give things a sense of power
– Micro-rituals
– Substances: from music to caffeine to MDMA
– Nic’s personal process for expressing gratitude: listening to music to change your polarity, gratitude journal, visualizing images of the things you are grateful for as you write

Second Part:
– the weight room as Thomas’ “church”
– Malcom Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour Expert Rule
– Importance of meal rituals; preparing your own food vs. take out or restaurants
– If you have high quality/fresh food, you don’t have to worry about much else
– Warrior Diet
– 8 hour window of eating

– What it means to “mitigate the unsustainable”

“If you have to carry your food in a cooler on the way to the casino (I’ve done it), or you have to take supplements on the plane, it’s not ideal; it’s fragile; it’s a leash. If your supplements or food own you, you need to change your shit.” – Thomas

“Don’t believe the hype” – Nic

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