Episode 15: Death Reflections & Mortality

digital communion episode 15

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DC Question this Week: What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to accept?


It gets good this week when Nic and Thomas find themselves in disagreement over one’s ability to make the choice to be happy no matter the circumstances. So stay tuned for the colorful discussion and find out what makes you WEAK (in their humble opinions) in the almost-controversial closing.


Find out what Nic’s ideal way to die is,
The idea that crushed Thomas at 19 years old
What causes Thomas and Nic to strongly disagree in the last 10 minutes regarding state of mind,
How they approach the ideas of death, mortality, and suicide
And a little about the “just world” theory

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Show Notes

  • Why is that people don’t seem to destroy things or kill each other when they are super happy?
  • Or do we just become more aware and less naive as we grow older?
  • People intrinsically good vs. people have the potential to be really good
  • Nic drinks from a juice-box (apparently almond milk, if anyone was wondering)
  • The “just world” theory; cosmic roulette wheel?
  • Mortality, reflections on death, suicide
  • TedTalk about how the world is actually getting better if you look at levels of war decreasing, disease decreasing, science improving quality of life, etc.
  • Karmic retribution, soul lessons, enlightenment and the cycle of suffering
  • Competing theories on what the human experience is; life is a gift, a celebration
  • How to find balance in the experience of being human when some days are so hard
  • What Thomas has discovered in the last couple of years that helps ease suffering and brings freedom from negative thought patterns and spirals
  • What’s your brain or body chemistry and does that interfere with making the “choice” to be happy?
  • Limited by the human hardware; “the ship’s going to sink someday” and that’s hard to accept… But you don’t have to accept it the way everyone else does
  • You are way tougher than you give yourself credit for


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