Episode 16: Freedom From Dreams

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The DC Podcast question this week: what is the biggest dream you’ve given up on?

Nic and Thomas discuss the dream that died and whether it was the best thing that never happened. Tune in for more about finding liberation after letting go of dreams.


P.S. don’t worry, the background noise doesn’t last the whole time. It gets better about half way through, thanks for not giving up on us.

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Show Notes

– When Nic’s athletic dreams got smashed
– Nic’s realizations about becoming jiu jitsu world champion at black belt after qualifying for the finals in Abu Dhabi
– why it’s tough to accept letting go of a dream but liberating as well
– Thomas’s dream to make a living as a musician in Austin, Texas
– the break up of Thomas’ band after they had the most potential
– dealing with the sadness when the dream is over, sense of loss after focusing on it so long
– learning to relate after the dream is gone
– giving thanks for what you don’t have
– burdens of one hit song; King’s of Leon, The Doors
– good enough to be commercially viable at your dream, but the risk that you kill all the joy you have towards it
– Thomas the “Polymath specialist”?
– debunking the myth that you should try to make a living doing what you love
– what sucks the joy out of your passion

Mentioned in Episode 16

movies: Get Him to the Greek (Spoiler Alert)
music: The Doors (Light my Fire), King’s of Leon (Sex on Fire)
people: Dorian Yates, Tim Ferriss, Jim Morrison

Books Mentioned In This Episode

books: Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime by M.J. DeMarco (Nic is currently listening to the audiobook version)