Episode 18: Having Hope

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The DC question we’re talking about this week is: What gives you hope? 
In this episode Nic and Thomas get into everything from whether hope is necessary to how your thoughts can shape your reality. For Nic hope is about how you find faith that the future will get better even though everything in the game seems rigged against you. While for Thomas, it’s about the present – finding hope in moments, noticing the here and now. Before it ends though, they both have to grapple with the idea that “hope is not a plan”….

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Show Notes

– Why Nic says “keep the faith” instead of goodbye
– Are hope and faith necessary to this life?
– On how thoughts shape your reality
– What one study revealed about language in an indigenous culture and what it has to do with hope and life expectancy
– On the two kinds of people who seem to be leading the lives they want to live
– Words of wisdom from Thomas’ father: Hope is not a plan. Enough is as good as a feast
– How Thomas views that wisdom now
– How it only takes a little bit of hope to fill you with a tremendous feeling that life can be a gift and adventure
– Find out how Thomas finds hope in moments (from a tremendous meditation experience to remembering “it’s not about me, but about everything around me”)


– Carl Sagan quote “survival is the exception, extinction is the rule”
– Linguistic Relativity Hypothesis
– Also interesting: article suggesting speakers of languages without strong future tenses tended to be more responsible about planning for the future.