Episode 19: Peace From Place

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The DC question we’re talking about this week is: Where do you find the greatest peace?
In this week’s episode, Nic and Thomas take some turns to unexpected places when they discuss finding peace… to high up places… to micro-dosing psychedelics… to what that all has to do with working conditions. AND true to our favorite DC discussions so far, Thomas reveals another interesting nugget from his past work experience that you’d never guess…

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Show Notes

– For someone who travels so much, which environment or place do you find the most peace?
– Why Nic likes places that are high up
– How to put everything into perspective using a technique that stops worry or anxiety: by zooming out until you see the top of the roof of the building you’re in
– Describing an exercise in perspective that is designed to show you how insignificant your problems are
– An epiphany that this may be creation’s “best effort”, even though parts of the natural world are imperfect – are we getting closer to a utopia after many, many best efforts?
– A few micro-dosing insights: why, what, who should NOT try it, and forcing you out of old patterns and into new ones
– Why, ultimately, you won’t find your salvation in a pill or substance
– How meditation comes into play
– Thomas’s experience as a “gamer” working for a company that felt like the “gates of hell”
– Feeling constricted by having an overlord-type boss, micromanaging your bathroom breaks?
– Certain circumstances that Nic and Thomas agree they would rather take their chances surviving in nature than have to endure.