Episode 2: Muffling The Virtual Scream

Digital Communion Episode 2 Muffling The Virtual Scream

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The guys discuss the concept of ‘work’ and what it means to them.

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Show Notes

  • Mitigating the virtual noise during your workflow
  • The concept of an Information Diet
  • How taking 50% off the time in front of the computer and developing new, real-world skills makes life so much better
  • Majority of the office workers aren’t working for 8 hours
  • The idea of working hard vs working smart
  • Perfect day: 8 hours work, 8 hours play and 8 hours rest
  • Physical work is the most satisfying type of work
  • You did not come to this planet to just work
  • Story of a rich guy dreaming of becoming homeless
  • The addictive spike that instant gratification gives you

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