Episode 20: Are You Awake? (Part 1)

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What does being “awake” mean to you?
This week Nic and Thomas share powerful insights they’ve recently had about consciousness and the concept of being “awake”. From coconut groves in Nicaragua, to ayahuasca in Amsterdam – listen in for a harrowing tale and some surprising answers.

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Show Notes

– Thomas discusses finding a ‘sense of place’ in Nicaragua
– How island life contributed to being ‘awake’ and peacefulness
– How he felt a continuous flow state for almost a full week
– Nic discusses his most recent revelations after an ayahuasca experience in Amsterdam
– Conspiracy theories and fringe subjects
– The topic that got its hooks into Nic and prompted his search for new answers
– A belief held by most that was shattered for Nic as a result
– One of the surprising new byproducts Nic discovered from the experience (and how he almost lost his mind)
– The one thing that brought Nic back from the “brink of insanity”
– What it means to understand what’s important in life
– What it feels like to be ‘awake’ from Nic’s new found perspective
– New knowledge equivalent to taking the “blue pill”
– The awareness that there’s two pathways: 1 – you have the choice to not know (ignorance is bliss) or 2 – the difficult task of having the knowledge and playing on in the game (or having the knowledge and what to do with it)
– Thomas’s uncomfortable realization that a goal he’s been after in Los Angeles may not be the answer he thought he was after


 – The Matrix (movie), scene with Joe Pantoliano’s character eating a steak