Episode 21: What is Vibrancy?


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This week the guys consider what it means to be healthy beyond the usual ‘food, movement, strength’ advice you hear everywhere. Listen in to find out what VIBRANCY has to do with it.

P.S. Nic still isn’t revealing his mind-bending secret insight from Episode 20, but if you listen closely we’re starting think he can’t help but drop a few more clues….

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Show Notes

– Is health a ‘binary system’ in which you are either healthy or you’re not?
– Absence of disease vs. vitality
– How Nic personally knows when he is healthy
– Physiological markers of health like how you feel when you wake up
– Getting perspective from an emergency room doctor

– Can you be in a sustained state of health or is it just day by day?
– The numerous variables that go in to growing good marijuana
– How humans are more analagous to plants then machines
– The constant process of tuning variables and adjusting stimuli accordingly to your body’s responses
– The “razor’s edge”
– Genetics in combination with how you maintain the vehicle
– Why the modern western lifestyle and diet is not condusive to vibrancy
– Chem trail conspiracy
– High fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils
– The difference between ‘nescience’ and ‘ignorance’ and how it affects the majority of people’s health

– Thomas has a wealth of knowledge as a personal trainer
– Prolonging life with caloric deficit
– Reducing life span with too much weight lifting or muscle trauma
– Acceptable level of physicality and movement for a healthy individual
– How the answer is different for everyone
– The paradigm of ‘harder, faster, stronger’ and why it may be detrimental

– How the modern physical culture’s exercises are directly related to the industrial revolution (whereby humans are taught to pull and push levers or do very mechanical actions)
– We are not economic workhorse units to be ‘plugged in’ to factories or desks
– Humans more like growing and adapting ‘plants’
– Why it’s important to ‘know thyself’ with so many competing theories and resources out there now
– Awareness of how particular food or exercise makes you feel
– No one knows your body better than you; trial and error with the best food for you

– Never underestimate capitalism’s ability to taint the quality of your food
– The more of a role a production system has played in the food you’re consuming, the more likely it is to be missing nutrients or to have had detrimental toxins added
– The quality of what you put into your body makes all the difference
– But science might someday have better solutions that we don’t want to admit now?… HGH supplementation vs. grass-fed beef

– And as Nic gets further down the rabbit hole, what does ‘Magick’ have to do with it?


Mike Mentzer, the father of high-intensity training
Weston A. Price, information on nutrient-based diets around the world
– The Razor’s Edge by W. Somerset Maugham
– ‘Know thyself’ inscription at temple of Oracle of Delphi