Episode 22: The Quest for Answers Via Dreams

The Quest for Answers Via Dreams

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In honor of Thomas’s 38th birthday, this week’s conversation starts out with the question: How have you changed in just the last year? Then the topic quickly turns to the quest for answers via dreams.

Check it out to learn more about our experiences with the awareness of flying, astral projections, lucid dreams, and why Nic eventually decided to focus on this waking reality instead.

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Show Notes

– Nic no longer wants to use the name “Nic Gabriel” but his real name Nic Gregoriades
– The power of words
– Thomas’s 38th birthday
– What’s the biggest change in the way the 38 year old Thomas looks at the world compared to the 37 year old Thomas?
– Surfing, Gary the seal, dolphins, and Thomas’s conversation with the Panoply of Gods giving thanks and asking for strength
– Thomas’s shift from self-focused projects to an outward-focus to improve the world
– The wise man unlearns something every day
– Sifting through information to figure out what to trust or not trust
– Nic is far less certain about certain things than he was a year ago
– Reference to Episode 18: On Hope
– Quest for answers via dreams?
– How the waking reality is just a vague recollection when in dream-reality
– Why Nic took a break from lucid dreaming
– How dream-reality is fraught with its own difficulties, risks, dangers, and obstacles, and you need to develop the skills to navigate safely before just jumping in
– Getting to the point where you just want a good night’s sleep
– How Nic did astral projections and lucid dreams
– Dreams where you are flying and know you’re flying
– Asking the question “is this real or am I dreaming”?

Caution: to anyone interested in trying astral projections or lucid dreaming, please do thorough research and preparation before attempting