Episode 23: Is Love a Choice?

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This week the discussion gets started by a listener who asked: “Do you believe that love is a choice?”
Far from the usual conversation about romantic love, this episode goes all over… from the chemical ‘madness’ of falling in love, to peak experiences, to things that are merely echoes of love. By ‘echoes’ we mean – what if every wholesome expression has its own inferior copy that is pawning, posing, or trying to look like the real thing? And yes, that includes porn and McDonald’s.
Tune in and enjoy!
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Show Notes

– The thought paradigm that “thoughts people’d” or in other words, that a thought decides to express itself through the human mind
– Love is not controlled through the experiencer, but expressed through the experiencer
– Love compared to infantile infatuation
– Peak experiences as a valid expression of love
– More to love than romance
– The drunken state of emotions that feel like a runaway train or a fire
– Madness of being ‘madly in love’
– Love as the choice of being attentive to your partner and present
– What Gary the Sea Lion can teach us about love
– When saying ‘I love you’ doesn’t say enough
– How the concept of ‘love’ has been hijacked by use of the word for trivial things
– If love is fleeting like a peak experience, is that how it’s supposed to be?
– Stretching out a peak experience into a bliss state
– Making the choice to be more loving to your significant other reflected back to you
– How you choose to direct your energy is how it comes back, whether you direct it at your girlfriend, your dog, your surfboard, etc
– Will we be able to scientifically duplicate the ‘chemical reaction’ of love eventually?
– Every wholesome expression has its own inferior copy that is posing or trying to do the same as the real thing
– Porn as the imposter to a loving, healthy connection between people in the flesh
– Online chat is very different from the spirit of a group of people in one place sharing a conversation or meal
– Lots of echoes of the truth, but it can never be the real thing
– Shadow sentiences come up
– Freaky echoes in the audio (we can’t explain) come up at the end….



– Terminator 2