Ep. 32: How to Get to Level 2 “Gen-jutsu”

Digital Communion Episode 32

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In this episode Nic talks jiu jitsu, masters vs beginners, and how his workout approach has transformed in the last year. Find out what the Japanese idea of “Gen-jutsu” is, what it has to do with training and mindset, and how to pass Level 1.

Check out this episode and explore with us: what are you not doing in your life regularly, that you KNOW would make your life better? When was the last time you did something to get out into nature for 5 days in a row? Today is day 1 for Thomas. Find out what happened here.

“You need to internalize the structure or the framework before you can supersede it. Like if you’re a beginner in jiu jitsu, we were work with positional hierarchy, in which some positions are better to be in than others. But at the highest level, the elite guys can thwart that, they don’t have to adhere to that… But you have to EARN the right to be able to thwart the framework.” – Nic


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– The workout routine Nic used to do consistently and wants to start consistently again
– Nic talks jiu jitsu routine and the difference between the beginner and the master
– Why Nic doesn’t keep track of PR’s (personal record numbers) when he trains
– The metric Nic uses to keep track of his training
– “Gen-jutsu” within a “Gen-jutsu” (illusion techniques and abilities) regarding training
– What’s the motivation within that first level of Gen-jutsu
– What it feels like at the second level of Gen-jutsu
– Why it is important to “know thyself”
– Building mental strength in order to achieve balance
– Why Thomas trains his clients through a 30 minute workout instead of an hour
– Bodybuilding
– We talk about some of the conversation we had about weightlifters in the “long-lost episode” never-released
– Day 1 of Thomas’s challenge to surf for 5 days in a row (no matter what)
– How the connection with nature feels golden and has phenomenal effects for free
– Nature as the free “drug”
– Thomas talks about his new Metamorphisis Program for the first time


– Naruto (Japanese anime cartoon about ancient ninjas in Japan)
– Oracle at Delphi: “Know thyself”
The Metamorphosis Program (learn to change your life in just 30 minutes a day)
– Dissolve the Problem: by Shifting Physical Reality, by Richard Dotts