Episode 4: The Call of Mescalito

Digital Communion Episode 4 The Call of Mescalito

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Nic and Thomas discuss the Psychedelic peyote, the spiritual energy of specific places like the desert and what an alien would think when entering a night club on earth for the first time.

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Show Notes

  • Using Peyote and other psychedelics
  • The ‘Spiritual Energy’ of a place and communing with nature
  • Nic’s quest for finding Peyote in Arizona
  • The ‘Unholy Trinity’: Mac, iPhone and iPad
  • Quote: “You should treat your life and your experience on Earth as if you are the first person arriving here so that you don’t color your experience by other people’s expectations, rules or judgment.”
  • The story of an alien entering a night club for the first time.
  • Taking the time to enjoy the monsoon rains.
  • What Thomas misses the most about the desert.
  • The struggle between Yelp and service-based business.
  • Upping your game in America

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