Episode 9: The Best Moment of Your Life

Digital Communion Episode 9 The Best Moment of Your Life

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What Was the Best Moment of Your Life?

Nic and Thomas discuss theirs and the methods they use in the hope of creating more of them.

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Show Notes

  • “We’re all hoping that our best moment is still ahead of us.”
  • Thomas discusses some of his achievements including one that he would find hard to surpass.
  • Nic shares how he takes in every moment when he arrives in a foreign place.
  • The guys discuss an article that describes the life of the average, western male.
  • Is everyone’s agenda really just to ‘avoid pain and seek pleasure’?
  • If you could choose to set your life at a constant ‘7’ at the cost of potential ’10’ moments, would you?
  • “Even fun gets old.”
  • Thomas and Nic project what their next ’10’ moments will be like.