Special Episode: The Hidden Why

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Liberation Mentor - Freedom Through Actualization

This is a special episode, featuring Nic and Thomas in a three-way conversation with Leigh Martinuzzi, host of the very cool podcast The Hidden Why. Leigh’s show is all about peace, passion and purpose, with a good dose of humour and straight-talking along the way. All three come together to discuss and discover the game of life in all its beautiful complexity.


  • What does your god look like (and why)?
  • Does following a religion rob you of your true individuality?
  • How to choose and lose your beliefs
  • Flow, meditation… and drinking binges
  • Can we be committed to freedom yet still have vices, material and chemical?
  • Finding the strength to let yourself off the leash, but not to then go chasing every rabbit that comes your way
  • Information overload: are we reading and learning too much to be happy in the present moment?
  • Why we should make the effort to schedule regular time in nature
  • A powerful way to switch up how we approach our lives: not ‘I have to do this’, but ‘I get to do this’
  • Finding the Muse – sometimes against your will
  • Why humans are always searching for meaning – and why we so often get side-tracked from it