The Spiritual Laws of Money

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My study of the subject has led me to the perspective that the physical reality of money is influenced by unseen, underlying principles.

These are are not hard and fast rules but instead merely observations from my experiences and from scrutinizing the wealthy people in my life.

You could find many examples of individuals who have disregarded many or all of these tenets and still accrued wealth, but you’d likely also find that they experienced negative consequences as a result.


1. Money is an Amplifier

Money is no guarantee of happiness, nor does its absence ensure misery. Some of the wealthiest people I know are also the most bitter and twisted, whilst some of the poorest I know are also the most joyful.

Most aspects of your life are magnified by money. If you are an actualised, whole person then money will facilitate your development and provide you with more opportunities to show appreciation for the gift of life. You will use it both directly and indirectly to improve the lives of your family, friends and community.

On the other hand, if you are spiritually or psychically sick you may be able to acquire large sums of money but this will only  magnify the drama and negativity in your life. This is why so many wealthy families lead lives of tragedy and why lottery winners often suffer major calamities after their windfalls.


2. Believe to Receive

This is perhaps most people’s biggest barrier to success and wealth.

Although our actions and intentions around how we choose to acquire wealth have repercussions, money itself is beyond our value-judgements of good and bad or right and wrong.

There is a correlation between hard work and financial success, but one does not always lead to the other. You don’t necessarily get what you deserve – you get what you think you deserve. Said differently, ‘Your net-worth is very often a reflection of your self-worth.’

This is why many hardworking and honest individuals slave away for scraps, but sociopathic stock brokers and bankers can pull a few levers and make millions. The misconception is magnified by the many religious texts that denounce wealth and celebrate poverty, which causes countless millions to settle for less than they could have.

You first have to feel deserving of money before it will flow to you. Achieving this is your own journey of self-discovery, incidentally one which will be made easier by actively living the other principles in this article.


3. What You Give You Get Back Many Times Over

Giving is a way of showing the Universe that you trust it. A healthy and open person finds it easy to give because he or she knows that they are drawing from an infinite source. They understand that they are merely a conduit for the expression of energy that is money. Instead of trying to hold onto the current, they let it flow.

Giving is also an act of gratitude. One of the best ways to show creation that you are grateful for what you have been blessed with is by giving to others. Expressing gratitude is itself one of the most powerful spiritual practices you can undertake.

It feels good to give because on a deep level you understand that you are merely a part of the whole, and that by helping others you are also helping yourself.

Give freely and without expecting anything in return and you’ll be astonished by the increases in your income. Try to remain anonymous in all phases of the process – giving is more powerful when it is not coloured by your hope or desire for your generosity to be witnessed.

Who or what you give to is not as important as the intention behind the gift. Having said that, I would consider very carefully before giving to multinational charities as a large amount of your donation will be eaten up by their administrative costs. Instead find small, local causes or give to individuals directly.



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4. The More You Have the More You Get

We see over and over that like attracts like and it’s no different with money. It’s no secret that the rich get richer. And it should come as no surprise either. Just as rivers and streams flow together and pool in larger bodies of water, so it is with money.

This is why almost every influential book that deals with the hidden, energetic principles behind accruing wealth suggests that you save at least ten percent.

Saving a portion of your income shows the Universe you can be trusted with money. It shows that you are a good steward for it. By creating a ‘pool’ of money (i.e. savings) you will notice that more money will begin to ‘flow’ to you. It’s also interesting to notice that the larger the pool, the larger the amounts that will flow to you.

Commit to saving at least 10 percent of all the money that flows to you. Make sure that you don’t touch these savings except to reinvest them.


5. Value and Income Are Reciprocal

Help enough people get what they want, and you can have anything that you want.

When I speak of service I’m not talking about handing people their burgers. I’m referring to putting a product, service or piece of information out into the world that improves the quality of the lives of the people who engage with it. Another way of saying this is ‘providing value’.

The best way to provide said value is to find the nexus point of your skills and the needs of the market. This means discovering your gift, giving it back to the world and then allowing the Universe to reward you with an increased flow of energy in the form of money. Learning how to do this is part of your own journey of self-discovery.


6. Emotions Can Repel or Attract Money

For many people everything in their lives associated with money has been negative and in some cases even traumatic. It’s either handed to them at the end of a month of drudgery in the form of a salary or has been the centre of a family feud or broken friendship. And for the vast majority the common theme surrounding finances is scarcity, with the sentiment that ‘There is never enough’.

If your predominant feelings surrounding money are negative, it will be very, very hard to get any.

Here’s a way to remedy this: Every time you spend money, try to notice the emotions which come up. If they are negative try to change their polarity by reframing the associated thoughts.

Whenever you find yourself thinking things like ‘I can’t afford this’ and ‘It’s so expensive’ try to replace them with thoughts of gratitude. Consciously appreciate the incredible amount of ingenuity, effort and labour that was required to bring you the good or service that you’re investing in.

For example, when it comes time to pay your electric bill – are you irritated just thinking about the expense, or are you feeling grateful to have electricity and grateful to have had the money to pay it?

By doing this often you will retrain yourself to enjoy your interactions with money and all aspects surrounding it, which will in turn allow you to attract more of it.


7. More Income Usually Requires Personal Growth

Being broke is not always fun, but it’s relatively easy.

Having more usually means you have to become more. More skilled, more responsible and more connected.

An increase in money always brings more responsibilities. For a start, more people will be trying to take it from you. You will also need to manage your wealth and deal with increased taxes, so you will have to upgrade your financial intelligence accordingly.

The market rapidly and ruthlessly discerns quality and value. To ‘give your gift’ back to the world and provide an increased amount of value to a larger group of people, you will need to improve your skills to become a master in your chosen craft.

Impulsiveness and impatience are traits not often associated with those who have mastered money. By becoming more connected to your higher-self through contemplation and self-reflection you will be less likely to waste money trying to impress anyone, or by buying things you don’t need. It will also give you the discipline and patience required to save and invest wisely.


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